The main advantages of stainless steel cryogenic solenoid valves are:



The main advantages of stainless steel cryogenic solenoid valves are:

1. Wide operating temperature range

Made of special stainless steel material, it can withstand use in extremely low temperature environments.

2. Good sealing performance

The metal valve seat and core have excellent sealing performance.

3. Long life

It can also maintain a long working life under low temperature conditions.

4. Responsive

Electromagnet drive, quick action response, short opening and closing time.

5. Simple structure

There is no mechanical kinematic pair, and the structure is simple and reliable.

6. No pollution

The working medium only contacts stainless steel and does not pollute the medium.

7. Small size

The solenoid valve is small in size and can achieve high integration design.

8. Easy to use

It can work when powered on, no medium is needed as power, and it is easy to use.

9. Supply on demand

It can precisely control the opening degree of the valve to achieve on-demand supply.

10. Remote controlled

Remote electronic control can control the valve without on-site operation.

In summary, the stainless steel cryogenic solenoid valve has stable and reliable performance and long service life, making it an ideal choice for cryogenic systems.




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