Control element

NPPC manufactures many types of solenoid valves, including solenoid valves 5/2,3/2,5/3. Its medium is air, other gases, water, etc. In addition, we also provide special valves such as pulse valves and angle seat valves. In addition, we provide solenoid valve kits. All products are strictly tested and assembled to ensure product quality.


Cylinders are widely used in various types of machinery. NPPC has been designing and manufacturing cylinders for more than 10 years, and has a strong technical and sales support team to provide customers with efficient services.


Air source treatment is the final guarantee of compressed air quality. It consists of a filter, a pressure regulating valve and an oil mist device. The filter is used to filter the moisture and dirt in the air source, the pressure regulating valve is used to adjust the pressure of the air source, and the oil mist device is used for lubrication.


NPPC has a full set of pneumatic accessories, including plastic joints, metal joints, mufflers, PU pipes, etc. They are used to connect different components in different situations.

Explosion-proof solenoid valve series

NPPC has all kinds of process control valves and accessories, including explosion-proof solenoid valve, AT series pneumatic actuator, CM series NAMUR solenoid valve, etc.

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