Pneupid has a strong research and development department. All products have been hatched through research and development, updating and solving guest problems. Control components (stainless steel solenoid valve, stainless steel high pressure solenoid valve, stainless steel explosion-proof solenoid valve, aluminum alloy solenoid valve, aluminum alloy explosion-proof valve, direct acting solenoid valve, redundant solenoid valve), etc.; Air source treatment components (all aluminum alloy series air source parts, all stainless steel air source treatment components, high pressure air source treatment components), etc. Accessories, etc. Accessories (positioner, amplifier, quick discharge valve, speed regulating valve, joint, air pipe), etc. By adding limit switch items and positioner items to the needs of guests, Pneupid's loud business card is made.

Provide strong technical support to complete the formulation and implementation of product testing solutions;
Responsible for technical communication with customers to understand their needs for tested products;
Responsible for product promotion and market research;
Assist customers to solve problems encountered in product use;
Collect, process, feedback and track the product use problems fed back by customers;
Responsible for writing technical documentation and training materials related to the test product;

Newpa Pneumatic has developed rapidly in recent years. In order to meet the higher requirements of customers all over the world, it has introduced more advanced automation equipment and management concepts, more advanced parts processing and assembly technology, and imported many advanced machines from different countries:
Full CNC Machining Center
High Speed Automatic Lathe
CNC Machining
High Precision Electric Machining

Pneupid Pneumatic Company is committed to catching up with the world's advanced level every day to ensure that it stands on the same starting line. We focus on R & D and production of high-quality pneumatic products, continuous innovation and improvement of technology to meet the needs of the market. We have a high-quality R & D team, constantly exploring new materials and manufacturing processes to improve product performance and reliability. We also work with partners at home and abroad to share technology and experience to further enhance our capabilities. PNEUPID Pneumatic Company is committed to customer-centric, to provide customers with perfect products and services

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